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La fête des mères selon Shirin

Mother's Day is always a unique day for all moms but also for her children. Being a mom is certainly fun but also a lot of work, so it is important to take this day to relax and have fun with his children. This day is for you ladies!

We asked Shirin to share with us the highlights of her mother's day. For her, it is a question of taking advantage of the present moment:

For me, Mother's Day reminds me that you have to slow down, take your time and enjoy special moments with my family. On Sunday, I love lying in bed and Frédéric wakes me up with a Marco Polo teacup from Mariages Frères.

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The day is indolent. Walk, cake preparation with children or a little painting or crafts. There is nothing more beautiful than watching our children calm and focused on their creation. These are the moments that are most important to me.

Shirin fils et fille

In the afternoon, I like to take a nap or take a long bath with our bath salts of Camargue Bastide "Marais Salants". Rich in natural antioxidants of the ocean and perfumed with orange blossom, bath salts transport me immediately to Provence, no matter where I am.

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I love flowers and my favorite Mother's Day gifts are bouquets of lilac flowers that my kids will cut in our garden.


I end the day drinking a cup of verbena or chamomile and eating a lot of dark chocolate truffles from the Maison de Chocolat. And here I am, the happiest person in the world.